• - The Crucible: the Stage door (english translation)

    Here is the english translation of our experience of the Stage Door. We've tried to keep the 'spirit' of the original text. Nevertheless, some phrasings have been a little bit modified because too difficult to be faithfully transposed in their structures.

    Please, be indulgent with our spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and wrong turns of phrase. 


    Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    London  - Old Vic Theatre - around 11.30 p.m.

    The end of the play "The Crucible" is already there: we cheer all the actors and give Richard a standing ovation ! Believe it or not, but our commotion awakens a good lady who was dozing on a front seat (yes, really!).

    The Stage door: we saw Richard (english translation)The lights off, we rush over the left exit to come upon (as per the recommendations given by RAddicts who have been already there!) on the Stage Door. We had feared a tidal wave seeing the crowded theatre, but we have a good place, almost at the beginning (of the line): to get there first, some of us have wings... and have got a cheek because people of Old Vic didn’t want us to get out that way !

    We are in one single line, reverently and calm, as directed by Richard's bodyguard. The waiting begins and we are extremely excited and trembling: the effect of the tea taken at 6 p.m.? Nay, this is the 'Richard Armitage in John Proctor's effect' ! Tests of cameras, program in hand, we're looking at the first group which comes out: they are the youngest actresses of the play. As they moved away, we applaud them because we have enjoyed the work of all the actors. Like so, we are going to applaud several actors, the rest of the line will doing the same. When Adrian Schiller goes out in his turn, we ask him for an autograph. He gladly does it, asks us if we have appreciated the play and lights his cigarette. It is evident that we will be dithyrambic about the play (at that time, we didin't know if the word 'dithyrambic' was correct in english !)

    When Richard comes out, there's a movement in the crowd: we understand those RAddicts because our ticker is thrilling too ! Well, talking about that, here we go again ! Geek Lady films the first autographs when suddenly, HE is there, in front of us. We try to take a photo, but, out of luck, it is failed ! Tranlator Girl tells him 'Bonsoir' and Geek Lady hands him our gift and letters some French admirers have given us. Geek Lady, with her school-level English and typically French accent says 'Hello, we're coming from France ' (yeah, a clarification in case he wouldn't understand it just with her accent !) "it's a gift for your birthday: Happy Birthday !" He looks up after signing the program of Translator Girl and smiles saying 'Oh ! Bless you ! Thank you so much ! That's very kind of you" (yes, for real, he speaks !!!). Geek Lady asks him for a photo, he says "where is the camera?" and she pushes the bodyguard a bit to be by Richard's side... One click later (THANKS to the one who took our photo <3) hurray !

    The Stage door: we saw Richard (english translation)

    As you can see it, we do exist ! But we are shy, so we pretend to be like 'Daft Punk' by hiding what is the best in us: our faces ;-) Translator Girl is on the left, very close to him (!) and Geek Lady... well, on the right, a little further !

    The Stage door: we saw Richard (english translation)The Stage door: we saw Richard (english translation)

    Richard is quicly grabbed by his bodyguard and he continues to sign autographs and to pose for pictures but so rapidly that all the mates haven't got their photo... We follow him in the file by filming (but we can't show the films because we don't know how to mask faces on videos) or by taking some photos... Then the bodyguard interrupts ballet and Richard walks away... The girls who didn't have photos are burning to follow him but respect prevails. Suddenly, Geek Lady shouts "Thank you very much !", but she isn't sure he has heard... But we had to thank him for taking time with us... 

    Everything has happened so quickly that we stay on the sidewalk talking and fantasizing: a beautiful grey Mercedes is parking there and we wish for making a friend at the car registration document department to know if it his ;)  

    The Stage door: we saw Richard (english translation)



    This is our memory of the Stage Door... However, there is a question without answer: why the bodyguard is wearing a beany in midsummer ? Lol 


    For those who are interested, here is our gift: a cooking apron with one of his favourite meals,

           the Coq au vin !

    The Stage door: we saw Richard (english translation)


    The Crucible: the Stage door (english translation)

                                                 Our autograph


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    Mardi 16 Septembre 2014 à 01:20
    Gratiana Lovelace

    Lovely memories you have there. Thanks for sharing!

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